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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rita TrubovicaRita Trubovica
Passed first time
Brilliant driving instructor! Very patient, understanding and encouraging. I’ve had bad anxiety and he helped me massively to understand and overcome it. I passed my practical driving test 1st time! Highly recommend him to anyone!

Rita TrubovicaRita Trubovica
Passed first time
Brilliant driving instructor! Very patient, understanding and encouraging. I’ve had bad anxiety and he helped me massively to understand and overcome it. I passed my practical driving test 1st time! Highly recommend him to anyone!

Stefan Stefan
Passed first time
Passed my driving test on the first try! I cannot thank Alex enough for the amazing support he has offered during our lessons. He knew how to push me when I needed to overcome the fears that every learner driver needs to face and at the same time offered me the freedom of choice when it came to things I wanted to improve upon. If you are looking for an instructor look no further as the result and the experience Alex posses speak for themselves!

Stefan Stefan
Passed first time
Passed my driving test on the first try! I cannot thank Alex enough for the amazing support he has offered during our lessons. He knew how to push me when I needed to overcome the fears that every learner driver needs to face and at the same time offered me the freedom of choice when it came to things I wanted to improve upon. If you are looking for an instructor look no further as the result and the experience Alex posses speak for themselves!

Kaden TalbotKaden Talbot
Passed 1st time No faults
Hey Alex here’s my review as promised: Alex is reliable, very knowledgable and motivated to teach his students to drive at the highest standard. During my lessons he would give thorough answers to any questions I had, and even after passing my test he offered to remain in contact if I ever had any more questions or needed any advice

Ralph Whittaker Ralph Whittaker
Only one minor driving fault
I'd highly recommend Alex as a driving instructor, especially for any students who struggle with anxiety when driving. He's very patient, calm and understanding and he offers useful advice to combat driving-related nerves. I had a great experience learning from him and I am incredibly grateful to have overcome my worries about driving and I have now passed my test with only one minor fault. Thank you very much Alex. All the best to you.

Dean CrollDean Croll
Passed first time - one driving fault
Would just like to thank Alex for allowing me to learn and teach me how to drive safe . He is a very good driving instructor, and I would very highly recommend him to anyone out there willing to learn how to drive. He listened to me as I listened to him throughout this process, and great reward came at the end of it all. By passing my test, I thank you again, Alex. Many thanks, Dean.

Olivia Kettridge Olivia Kettridge
Passed 1st time one fault
Alex has been my driving instructor for the last 5 months, he has been a excellent instructor. Alex is patient, knowledgeable and most helpful. He also gave my Dad some tips and hints in regards to extra driving lessons in my own car, and if I was unsure of anything then we could always ask for advice. I passed with one minor and that is thanks to all of Alex's hard work, I really do appreciate it. Olivia Kettridge

Katie Adam’sKatie Adam’s
I passed my test today and I honestly cannot thank Alex enough πŸ‘ He has been a brilliant teacher and it was a great learning experience ☺️ I would highly recommend him to everyone, he makes driving very enjoyable rather than stressful. Thank you for reassuring me and putting a smile on my face when I was struggling! Will miss the lessons πŸš—πŸš™

Toni Maria Blakeston Toni Maria Blakeston
Passed 1st time
Honestly can not thank you enough it's been quite the journey getting to this point through Covid and Broken Elbows 😬. You have been so supportive not only in teaching me to drive but getting me past my own doubt in my ability to drive. You have provided numerous tissues and listened to me moan none stop about how much I couldn't do it - but I did thanks entirely to you! I couldn't recommend you enough and even as I am writing this I do not think the words do you justice ... thank you so much 😁

Aliona ConstantinAliona Constantin
Passed 1st time
Alex πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ still can’t believe it. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Thank you so much for everything πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ₯°. It was a difficult journey for me,a long process with Lockdown, Covid.. but especially with me learning slowly, and so scared to drive. but with all your help and so much patience which you have I succeeded. I don't know how I could have done it without you.I am so happy and proud. Thank you so much. I believed in you from beginning and I knew it that you gonna help me to achieve this. Thank you for all the good words, for all your support, and for all our lessons when I wanted to give up, and you didn’t let me. You believed in me that I can do this. And that I am gonna be a very good driver, when it was hard for me to believe it. You are an amazing person. And a very good instructor, so calm, funny and so professional. And about me like a student? slow but was worth πŸ˜‚ Anyway. See you on the roads πŸ˜‡πŸ™ πŸŒͺ🚘 and Thank you 😊

Noemi BencsikNoemi Bencsik
Thank you so much Alex!! Finally i passed 😁 You are the best instructor who I’ve ever met. To future students: 100 % I CAN RECOMMEND. He is kind, friendly, very patient and explain everything and ALWAYS POSITIVE and never let you to give up even if you have a bad day. One more time thank you so much and see you on the road ! 😁😁

Daniel CarterDaniel Carter
Passed 1st time
Honestly you were the best instructor I could have had. You were always so patient and understanding in every situation couldn't have asked for any one better 10/10 would recommend.

Jayden SharmanJayden Sharman
Passed 1st time
Hi Alex. It has been an amazing experience learning to drive with Alex. He’s a very genuine, calming instructor, who is great at progressing you to be test ready! He’s very efficient and helpful on lessons and will make sure your safe for your test and for many years of driving afterwards. I couldn’t recommend Alex enough! Thank you so much again.

Caitlyn HobbsCaitlyn Hobbs
Passed 1st time
Passed first time thanks to Alex. A genuinely amazing instructor with patience of a saint. He’s always understanding and never puts pressure on you. Thank you, Alex.

Dmitrijs Gnennijs Dmitrijs Gnennijs
Passed 1st time
Finally, after passing my driving test I can reflect on the outstanding level of teaching done by Alex. If it were not for the great explanations and calm approach, I would have most likely never gotten to the test ready stage. The teaching style of Alex gave me the confidence in myself that I am able and skillful enough to drive on the road with other users. So overall the experience in learning to drive with Alex was just amazing, everything was always under control and the teaching at the highest level. Thank you very much Alex for teaching how to drive safely on the roads. And once again thank you.

Darjana IvanovaDarjana Ivanova
Passed first time
I passed my practical driving test today! Thank you Alex! Alex is a very good person. He is calm, honest and makes driving enjoyable rather than stressful. He was kind and helpful in my driving lessons. Thank you for believing in me and I will recommend Alex to everyone who wants to do driving lessons.

Luka SabadiLuka Sabadi
Just want to say a massive thank you to Alex Lukic for helping me pass my driving! It’s been a great journey with an incredible instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor. πŸš—πŸ˜

Angela JorgicAngela Jorgic
A massive thank you to Alex Lukic for being the best instructor and always being so supportive no matter what. I was not only taught how to be test ready, but also how to be a safe driver for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone!! Thank you❀️

Alexandra Ardalic Alexandra Ardalic
Passed first time
A massive thank you to Alex, he is an incredible instructor. He gets to know you personally and uses this to tailor all of his lessons. He always gives you a massive confidence boost when you're feeling down. I would recommend him to all, Alex will always go the extra mile to explain everything, he once even ran out into the rain in the middle of a lesson to explain something! Alex has incredible patience, I don't think I could have done it without him. He is always supportive and never gave up on me. Once again, thank you so much Alex!!! 🚘🚘🚘

Roberts BilkinsRoberts Bilkins
Passed first time
I would like to say big Thank you to Alex. Strongly recommend him. Always in time and always in good mood. Brilliant instructor, he will always find the best way how to teach you driving.

Neb Augustinov Neb Augustinov
Passed first time
I’ve had 2 instructors and 5 failed tests before I went with Alex. I passed with 1 minor only 1 month after our first lesson. Easily the best instructor around and the only one who made me feel confident I would actually pass. I couldn’t recommend him enough πŸ‘πŸΌ

Katie FowlerKatie Fowler
Only 1 minor fault
I can not recommend Alex enough, I could never imagine passing with any other instructor, Alex made my driving journey easy and dealt with all the tears and tantrums making me feel at ease in any stressful situation from day one all the way to my test. Your well-being whisky driving and a lifetime of safe driving is so evidently at the front of Alex’s mind and this is why he is such a successful instructor! Thank you for everything Alex!

Ela Czerwinska Ela Czerwinska
Passed first time
Alex big thank you!!! I couldn't have better driving instructor! You are made for this job! Professional at all the time!! I'm so so happy that with your big help I did it! Target made! THANK YOU Alex :-)

Jasmina MacinkovicJasmina Macinkovic
I have officially passed my driving test today thanks to Alex Lukic! I can honestly say he is one of the best driving instructors and I would highly recommend him. He is very patient and calm and I have learnt a lot throughout this driving experience. There has been a lot of ups and downs but I got there in the end πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸš˜ Thanks again Alex for all your help!

Gary ConnGary Conn
Passed first time
Alex is an amazing instructor! Very helpful and supportive from when I first rang to arrange lessons with him I was looking to do a week intensive course, he pointed me in the direction of booking 30 hours of lessons over 8 weeks which was very intensive but was definetly the better option for me, being a complete beginner with no previous driving experience. The first few lessons flew by, Alex was very clear with instruction, made me feel comfortable being in the drivers seat and assessed my ability really well to tailor the lessons so they weren't beyond my capability but also so I wasn't stuck doing the same thing over and over. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking for a driving instructor who is thorough and explains every detail of every aspect. He even set up email invitations to lessons so when i accepted the invitation the lesson showed up on my phones calander which saved me a lot of time doing it myself. I was very excited about that!.

Along with lessons there is the driving skills workbook which you can use to follow lesson progress with check boxes and read everything that will be covered in the lessons if you need a reminder which also corresponds with videos online so no matter what kind of learner you are, visual or verbal there's contents to suit. There's quizzes throughout the book to test your knowledge as well. It isn't nesseccary to complete the book but it definetly helped me pass a lot quicker!

Alex lets you have input in each lesson plan too, asking what you'd like to do in the lesson and plans the following lesson with you, but nothing is set in stone. If I ever felt I didn't feel confident enough to go through a certain thing there was always the option to do what ever I felt comfortable with instead. Which was calming to know. Over all I've had a fantasic 8 weeks of driving with Alex and I'm so glad I chose him for my driving lessons. I wish him all the best in the future. Thank you so much!

Janine ManleyJanine Manley
Passed first time
Alex is a brilliant instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone! He is very clear with his instructions and talks you through everything to help you understand the importance of what you are doing. I really enjoyed how he teaches; he is so patient and encouraging. I always felt safe and have learned so much- Alex is amazing with learners and experienced drivers and I passed my test first time today, because of Alex- I am truly grateful! I highly recommend Alex if you are looking at learning to drive! P.s Alex thank you for absolutely everything you are a legend!

Ben DawsonBen Dawson
Passed first time
Thankyou so much to Alex Lukic for helping me pass my driving test first time. A genuinely amazing driving instructor. Thankyou again for all of the support and teaching.😁

Lorraine BakerLorraine Baker
Amazing instructor, couldn't ask for anyone better!! Never thought i'd ever be able to drive but he never gave up on me no matter how many times i cried. I'm over the moon to have just passed and will never look back!! Thank you so much Alex

Lilia BivolLilia Bivol
Passed first time
Alex is great instructor. He is extremely patient, supportive and encouraging. I was a nervous learner. With Alex's help, I built up confidence over time. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him. I recommend him to every person who wants to begin learning to drive. Once again, massive thank you.

Ryan PanterRyan Panter
Alex is a great instructor. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to start learning. Was always calm and really helped to get my nerves under control.

Nina IvanicNina Ivanic
Passed first time
I’ve passed my driving test for the first time because of the best instructor ever - Alex Lukic. Thank you for being patient and calm, that really helped and made me better and safer driver on the road. So happpppppy😍😍

Nenad SubicNenad Subic
Only 2 minor faults
I have passed my driving test thanks to Alex Lukic! He is definitely one of the best driving instructors out there and I highly recommend doing lessons with him! He is a very relaxed and patient instructor who will allow you to move at whatever pace you feel comfortable! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

Jack PeetJack Peet
Passed first time
Thanks very much Alex Lukic!! You made learning to drive an enjoyable experience, never thought I'd pass first time but with your mentoring you gave me the confidence to succeed, thanks again!!:)

Marko TesanovicMarko Tesanovic
Passed first time
Big thank you to the best driving instructor Alex Lukic, who helped me with his great teaching skills and patience, passed my test on the first attempt with only two minor faults! Would strongly recommend lessons with Alex!

Aimee HoosonAimee Hooson
Passed first time 0 faults
Top class instructor!! So easy to learn with and always gave me the confidence boost I needed during every lesson to be able to pass first time and with 0 faults. I’d recommend Alex every time to any new, slightly nervous driver, who probably, like me, had no idea about driving! So pleased with everything Alex has taught me, and I’m forever grateful for the best learning experience with him!

Gheorghe CojocaruGheorghe Cojocaru
Passed first time
Today I have passed the driving test from the first attempt. Thank you a lot Alex for the lessons I have had with you!!! It was a great time being your's apprentice. YOU are THE BEST!!! ;-)

Stuart YoungStuart Young
Passed first time
Big Thank You to Alex for his help and guidance with my driving test. He certainly helped me improve my skills and gave me the confidence to succeed! Thanks very much!

Nik StjepanovicNik Stjepanovic
Passed first time
It was a long journey but definitely worth it and I couldn't of done it without Alex Lukic it was very fun and a good learning experience. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to do their driving lessons.

David IvkovicDavid Ivkovic
Passed first time
Glad to say that I have passed with 18 hours worth of driving with Alex Lukic who I could not have of done without. He's truly an amazing instructor, and I most definitely recommend him to anyone. My driving experience with Alex was great and I loved every step of the way towards my test.

Sian Kretay Sian Kretay
Would like to say a big thank you to Mr Alex, best driving instructor ever Thank you for everything, Couldn't have done it without you πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜Š Would highly recommend him 😊

Nuno BessaNuno Bessa
Passed first time
Alex for sure deserve the 5 stars review, is a awesome instructor and a amazing person as well. I totally recommend Alex, to people who want take the driving license, because he is patient, help a lot when people start to learn how to drive and during the lessons, giving advices, early and perfect instructions to be safe in the road. Thanks to him, I have my license in my hand now! Many thanks Alex, cheers

Finally I passed!! A massive thanks to you Alex.Your way of teaching driving is excellent, I wouldn't want it in any other way and you are highly recommended.😁😁😁

Livia NazarLivia Nazar
Thank you Alex Lukic! I am really happy that I had you as my driving instructor 😊 Thanks for your support and for all your good advices !! It was a great experience! Highly recommend for everyone who wants to get a driving license and stay safe on the roads after!

Alex is a good driver and even better teacher he taught me to drive in the most friendly, understanding and patient way. I am very happy I chose him as my instructor.

Anita BogdanAnita Bogdan
Thank you very much Alex! I wouldn't be able to do this without your unlimited patience, kindness and the fact that you didn't let me give up, even on my bad days. See you on the road! πŸš—πŸ™Œ

Olga DidencoOlga Didenco
I was very happy with my driving instructor Alex Lukic. He is a great teacher and gives you lots of confidence. Explains everything with patience and never makes you feel bad about yourself. I’ve passed today my driving test :) Thank you Alex!!

Jana MikulaninovaJana Mikulaninova
Passed first time
So I passed! Unbelievable! πŸ˜€ A BIG HUGE Thank you to you Alex. I would not pass without your help and support. You are a GREAT driving instructor and I can only highly recommend! Thank you Again 😜

Daniel ConnellDaniel Connell
Passed first time
Thank you so much Alex, you've been such an amazing driving instructor and you've helped me out so much, I'm so thankful for all of your help, couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

Stefan SabadiStefan Sabadi
Passed first time
Finally passed my driving test with only 2 minors and I'm so relieved just want to say a huge thank you to Alex Lukic for having the patience and will to put up with me, without him probably would've failed πŸ˜‚, I would recommend him highly, best instructor I could've had, anyone learning to drive or thinking about learning should do it with him, he's worth the money and time, can't recommend him highly enough, thank you Alex πŸ˜ŠπŸš—

Ellis Forsyth Ellis Forsyth
Passed first time
A MASSIVE thank you to my driving instructor Alex who helped me pass first time, he deserves a medal for putting up with me as I was the biggest stress head!! Thank you for putting up with me, thanks as well for not letting me give up!! See you on the roads πŸš˜πŸ€— 100% recommended!! BEEP BEEPπŸš˜πŸ€—

Passed first time
How exciting!!!!! Thank you so much for everything Alex Lukic πŸ˜„ strongly recommend him to everyone!!!!

Ilona KravcenkoIlona Kravcenko
Passed first time
I'm not usually leaving reviews, but this time I just can't stay aside :)) Well, where should I start from? :) Alex is extremely positive, kind and super experienced person. He knows more than you can imagine about driving and he will teach you everything in his best way and time. He'll always treat you like an individual personality. He will see all YOUR strong sides and will find the way to fix defects, so you will feel confident and safe on the road! I want to say a massive thank you to Alex. For all your patience, good vibes and for sharing your knowledge with me! Passed the test today, from first attempt and can't be more happy than I'm know! Thank you for this journey, good luck to you and your family, and see u on the road! Highly recommend to choose him, to start your learning

Aleksandar BoricAleksandar Boric
Passed first time
Passed first time! Sooooo chuffed - would like to strongly recommend Alex Lukic to anyone wanting to learn to drive! He's an amazing instructor with an amazing teaching style, you won't be disappointed. After booking 20 hours with him I passed with only 4 minors so it speaks for itself, by far the best instructor out there!

Dino Tuksar Dino Tuksar
Passed first time- no driving faults
Thanks for all your support and time you spent teaching me to drive, I can't thank you enough.I have enjoyed every minute working with you it has been great!

SiniΕ‘a Bozic SiniΕ‘a Bozic
Alex is a phenomenal instructor! He really takes the time to explain anything you're unsure of in great detail and in a calm manner. Would highly recommend!

Taylor Simpson Taylor Simpson
Passed first time
Thank you so much Alex for everything!! Couldn't have done it without you :)

Lucia Lemkova PacesLucia Lemkova Paces
Passed first time
Alex - one of the most Patient person I know. I am so grateful and happy that I have chose you as my driving instructor. You have been so helpful throughout and always very positive. I have been (and always will be) recommending you as the best driving instructor. I have just insured and taxed my car so I am driving as of tomorrow so Huge Thank You once again. I am sure i wouldn't be able to do it without you. See you on the road Lol Xx

Sanita Ratniece Sanita Ratniece
Passed first time
I would like to say big thank you to Alex. He is very patient and positive person. 100% recommend him as best driving instructor. Once again big thank you. :)

Lucia Paces
Passed first time
Thank you Alex Lukic for all your help and support. Could not do it without you X

Andrea KollegovaAndrea Kollegova
Thank you Alex for everything! You are a very good instructor, very patient which has really helped me throughout the whole time. Always positive. Thanks again!! ^_^ ;)

Karl GrayKarl Gray
Passed first time
I cannot thank Alex enough, I started my lessons 9 years ago previously and had my confidence knocked by the instructor i had back then. Ive been with Alex since June and today i achieved my dream of passing my test first time. He is an absolute legend, personally and professionally, never once made me feel low or uncomfortable and when i felt low about something he reassured me and picked me straight back up again. He is very direct with his instructions and also gives you the freedom to try it all your own way with his professional guidance. Never thought learning to drive would be so easy and so much fun as it has been with Alex. Highly recommend this man to anyone wanting to learn, absolutely brilliant!!! Thanks again. Karl

Sarah CsermakSarah Csermak
It was not an easy Journey, However, Alex was there with me step by step, I was 6 month pregnant when I started my lesson, Alex was very understanding and supportive, when I get so emotion, he would let me be and encouraged all the way through. He worked with me judging my Mental capacity and my condition at the time. He asked me to break for a few month so that I can concentrate on my health and my unborn child too, I work with Alex following his advise, Moreover, He let me have a final say. Therefore, I have all the reason to thank God to bring this Man in my life. He has made me to recognise my strength and work on my weakness. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘

Hi Alex, just wanted to say thank you for having patience with me, I really enjoyed every lesson with you - thanks so much :)

Passed first time
Kind, honest, great value and above all excellent bloke Again thanks Alex

Philippa BrydonPhilippa Brydon
Once again many thanks to Alex Lukic! Couldn't have passed without him. Such an amazing instructor and was so calm and patient with me, couldn't recommend him enough! Thank you!

Passed first time
Well I dunno what to say! I passed my driving test today due to this guy, he has to be one of the most patient guys I know. Absolutely an amazing instructor and i know he won't mind me saying that I'm his best student yet lol. All joking aside, no matter what stage your at whether you've never drove a car before, had one or two lessons before or think you're an ace driver like I did then Alex is the guy you need. All the best to all your other students taking lessons but I know they are in safe hands. Thanks again Alex, your a true gem πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Passed first time - 0 driving faults
Alex is a great driving instructor, I really learnt a lot on our lessons, he made sure that I was ready for a test and driving after the test, I've passed first time with no minors which goes to show how professional and thorough Alex is Thanks again

The best instructor ever! -reasonable -patient -positive -professional Many thanks from Vesna :)

Kristine KaranovaKristine Karanova
Passed first time
Thanks Alex for having so much patience with me, after some tears and lots of laughs I have managed to pass my test first time, I'm so happy and proud. Thank You so so much. Kristine

Mantas KaraliusMantas Karalius
Passed first time
Alex is a brilliant instructor. I enjoyed every lesson learning with Alex, his instructions were straightforward and if I ever made a mistake he reassured me as to what I had to do, never making me feel stressed, and making me a confident driver on the road. Thank you for helping me learn to drive, I highly recommend Alex to anyone wishing to learn to drive :)

Erika SzalaiErika Szalai
Alex is a brilliant instructor. I enjoyed every lesson learning with Alex, his instructions were straightforward and if I ever made a mistake he reassured me as to what I had to do, never making me feel stressed, and making me a confident driver on the road. Thank you for helping me learn to drive, I highly recommend Alex to anyone wishing to learn to drive :)

Yasan SpaldingYasan Spalding
Thankyou so so much for being an excellent instructor. I highly recommend Alex as he tailors each lesson to the students needs (student centred) and I have the highest regard as he is a genuinely nice person who cares and prides himself on delivering the best teaching. I have had such a journey with the semi intensive driving but you have helped my confidence and driving ability so much it really is appreciated and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor at all, thankyou so much.

Tracy Smith-GonchevaTracy Smith-Goncheva
Passed first time
Absolutely brilliant driving instructor! Alex made me feel like i was progressing with every lesson and anything i wasn't sure about was explained brilliantly. Huge amount of patience, he assured me i could do it even when i wasn't sure i could. I passed first time. Highly Highly Recommended.

Xenia StankovskaXenia Stankovska
Passed first time
Thank you Alex! First time pass! Very good driving instructor always calm and explains everything very well and clear! HAPPYYYY πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Dorde TesanovicDorde Tesanovic
Brilliant driving instructor, extremely patient and helpful, the best instructor around! Would definitely recommend him to anyone

Malgorzata Kubicka Malgorzata Kubicka
Only one minor driving fault
Hi !!! .. Alex is a fantastic instructor, calm, patient and knowledgeable. He supported me throughout and taught so many strategies! Always very precise and clear, made me a confident driver, highly recommended!!! Thanks Alex! ;-)

Cameron HaleCameron Hale
Hello Alex, just wanted to say thank you for teaching me! I found it very clear and easy to learn with you. Thank you! Stay well Cam.

Biljana BabicBiljana Babic
There's no words to describe how much I’m happy today cos I have passed my driving test today :-) Thanks to the best instructor in the world :) it was nice to learn with you xxx

Lewis GrantLewis Grant
Passed 1st time
A massive thank you Alex the only reason I have passed my test is because you are a great driving instructor you made me feel very comfortable and confident in the things I needed to work on, the way you explain and showed me how to do things was massively important for me to do this thanks again!

Lewis AndersonLewis Anderson
Passed 1st time
Thank you Alex for all that you have done to get me through my theory and practical driving tests first time. I can certainly recommend Alex to all new learners who are looking for a patient and understanding instructor who offers excellent insight and resources.

Vasilica BadiuVasilica Badiu
Thank you for all that you have done for me, all your help and support. You had the patient of a saint with me. I will never be able to thank you enough. I couldn't choose a better driving instructor. I will happily recommend you to everyone as being a top driving instructor.

Qamil MeciniQamil Mecini
Passed 1st time
Happy days 😊 back on driving omg thanks Alex Lukic very good good instructor πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

Cassie Cassie
Passed 1st time
Choosing the right driving instructor is an obvious essential when learning to drive, fortunately Alex made learning to drive a breeze. He made me feel at ease and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I passed first time (and not to sound cliché) but i couldn't have done it without him. I can't recommend Alex enough, thank you so much. After Pass Plus course Cassie said: "Finished my pass plus with Alex Lukic tonight... he's still alive so a job well done. Thank you Alex, you're the best"

Srdan StjepanovicSrdan Stjepanovic
Congratulations Srdan on passing your driving test with only one minor driving fault. Well done :) Srdan said "Alex is very good, calm and friendly driving instructor, Thanks"

Passed 1st time
Margarita said: "Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test on my first attempt. You made me feel comfortable and relaxed on our lessons! Thank You very much!! You are the best Alex :) "

Kristina ZuromskaKristina Zuromska
Passed first time
I Passed my test today after only 20 hours of lessons with Alex ! Never drove before so I was very nervous, but with Alex everything feels absolutely safe. Absolutely amazing instructor keeps you calm and always in control. Day after day with hard work from Alex we improved my driving skills which brought this positive result. I highly recommend Alex Lukic ! Thank you very much !!! So so happy now!!! :)

Milan StjepanovicMilan Stjepanovic
Passed first time
Alex is amazing driving instructor, very friendly and teaches you from the basics to the top. All techniques and manoeuvres made simple and easy. Great teacher and anyone looking to pass first time I would definitely recommend Alex. 10/10 instructor.

Hana BabicHana Babic
I can't recommend Alex enough! I passed last week and after being insanely nervous before and just honestly not a natural driver I am now driving around like I've been doing it for years. Alex is amazing, especially if you are nervous and scared

Jo HaleJo Hale
Alex is a really good teacher, he makes you feel at ease, always at the end of the phone if you need him. He was always early for my lessons. I will 100% recommend him to anybody.

Lewis RossLewis Ross
Alex is a great instructor with miles of patience and he understood exactly where I was going wrong. I passed with only one minor fault on my test and it shows how thorough Alex really is and all round great guy, I would highly recommend Alex to everyone

Slobodan DudicSlobodan Dudic
Passed first time
I feel very fortunate to have had Alex as an instructor. Thank you so much for all your hard work, you are quality instructor and I felt really easy and comfortable working with you. Alex is very patient, easy going and has a very positive manner. I highly recommend Alex Lukic to everyone. Many thanks again.

Bradley BeamBradley Beam
Passed first time
Bradley says: "Five star driving instructor, Alex helped me pass from beginning to the end, he helped me improve on my weak points and also making sure I knew what I needed for my test. I would gladly recommend Alex to everyone"

John PhoenixJohn Phoenix
Passed first time
John says: "Passed first time thanks to a great instructor, can't thank you enough Alex"

Zvezdana LukicZvezdana Lukic
Congratulations Zvezdana for passing your driving test, so proud of you

Aaron NarAaron Nar
First time pass
Awesome driving Aaron and first time pass - congratulations

Peter ChegePeter Chege
Passed first time
Congratulations for passing your test on your first attempt, excellent driving- well done

Milan SpanovicMilan Spanovic
Excellent driving Milan, congratulations and I wish you all the luck and lifetime of safe driving

Matt BarnMatt Barn
Congratulations Matt for passing your test with one minor fault, well done